Yes – we are Pet Friendly!

This job is exhausting! Watching the newbies drive in and supporting them through the registration process and then checking in with them during their stay. You can call me Bear, the true owner of Bloomfield Cabins and Camping.

Yes, I might sound a bit bossy when you first arrive, I have seen visitors forget to sign in while they are so busy looking around and generally being excited. It is important, “bark bark” – ‘have you signed in’.

Ok, that formality is out of the way, while the human prattles on, follow me and I will show you where everything is. Bathrooms, camp kitchen, fire pit where it is ok to share your beverage and snacks with me, don’t drive over 5km ‘cause I don’t know about not running around cars and here is where you will stay. Have fun and I will see you later ….

Ah, how are you settling in. Oh, you have kids too. Great. A toddler (food source and cant catch me), oh dear … 7 year old with a nurf gun – hope they cannot shoot straight and still cant catch me! Goodness! Jackpot! You have a dog and a cat. Friends for life … and you are cooking bacon. Can I live with you forever …. please.

Campfire fun with the kids and my new doggy friends – steal the soft cricket ball from the kids then run around the camp fire ring. Hahahaha. Kids tumbling around everywhere. The humans say the kids will sleep well. Hehe, when one of us gets tired, we pass the ball to the other, like tag.

7.30pm. Yep, that is me for the day. HUMAN, open the door and let me into my bedroom. I am tired.

This job is so exhausting!