Sunset Mornings

I wake up, not sure why. It is still dark outside but the awakening calls of different birds points to sunrise not being far away. I lie still and hear gentle murmur of voices, softly closing doors – a car start up and slowly, quietly drive away. Ahhh, the lads staying in the cottage have taken their boat out. It is 5:30am on a still Wednesday morning, Far North Queensland. The wet season.

About 4.30pm yesterday, the rain started. It has been a bit of habit for the weather, late afternoon starts with an early morning finish. No wind, just steady soaking rain. Usually around the 50mm mark.

By 6:00am I am at the picnic table at Weary Bay. Only a bit over a kilometre away, it is sort of on the way to the gym. It is the first time in the fifteen months we have been here that I have made it to a sunset. The view reminds me of all the reasons we moved.

Simply … STUNNING! No other word for it. I spend half an hour snapping the constantly changing colours as the sun slowly rises over the bay, behind big puffy thunderstorm type clouds. The water is still, only the faintest sound as the waves meet the shore, the skies colours reflecting on the glass like surface. A fin breaks the surface three or four times, probably a dolphin – it is too far to see. The crickets and frogs are deafening in their cacophony of sound, the birds a distant choir behind the strum.

I hear the noise of a large motor boat, look south toward the Bloomfield River mouth, where you can see the end of the Daintree – where the forest meets the sea. It is the lads from the cottage making their way out past the sand bar at the river mouth, motor revving up when they are clear … heading out to who knows which magical reef for the day.

6:30am I climb back into the car, drive away from the beautiful view and head off to the gym – another sort of an adventure 😊