Wet Season Bliss

‘Why would you?’ a common exclamation when someone finds out I live year round in Far North Queensland. They are referring to voluntarily living in the tropics during the wet season – where rumour has it rain is a constant downpour, humidity is a constant and life is generally unpleasantly wet!

Hmmmm … gently increasing humidity, stable temperature, sweating at the slightest bit of effort, plants and palms dropping leaves and fronds like it is nobodies business, lightening displays, thunder in the distance – teasing – then, after a couple of months and a few minor rain events – it happens – the monsoon trough inspired week of the ‘wet’.

Steady, constant rain, thunder and lightning sharing the day with burst of sunshine through the clouds. Days of it. Perfect for relaxing with a book, the temperature drops to under 25, a slight breeze keeps you cool, humidity has even backed off. Beautiful.

The plants thrive – reaching to the heavens – colour exploding as if inviting more deluge/sunshine. Birds hop around chasing insects, dragon flies hunt down the mosquitos, Ulysses flutter through the trees doing what ever it is they do. Cicadas constantly strum their song. You can see the start of new storm clouds building in the distance.

It feels like the air is cool, refreshed. I sit in wonder at the colours I can see, the pulsing of the garden I can feel (yes, my imagination is working overtime).

Is it too wet to garden? Yes. Too wet to drive around? Yes Aren’t the roads shut because of the high rivers? Yes Is it perfect? Yes, it is perfect.

So my answer to why would I choose to live in a place with the tropical wet – why wouldn’t I 😊