Yes – we are Pet Friendly!

This job is exhausting! Watching the newbies drive in and supporting them through the registration process and then checking in with them during their stay. You can call me Bear, the true owner of Bloomfield Cabins and Camping. Yes, I might sound a bit bossy when you first arrive, I have seen visitors forget to … Read more

Bloomfield business has grand plans for upcoming season

AFTER buying the Bloomfield Beach Camp sight unseen from Western Australia at the height of the pandemic, new locals Kat Hewitt and Yogi Noble say they are loving life in the Far North. Click here to read the full article

Wet Season Bliss

‘Why would you?’ a common exclamation when someone finds out I live year round in Far North Queensland. They are referring to voluntarily living in the tropics during the wet season – where rumour has it rain is a constant downpour, humidity is a constant and life is generally unpleasantly wet! Hmmmm … gently increasing … Read more

TTNQ Pushes for longer season

Boosting should season travel and new off-season events have been mooted at the annual Cook Shire tourism planning workshop, held at the Seaview Motel last week.

Sunset Mornings

I wake up, not sure why. It is still dark outside but the awakening calls of different birds points to sunrise not being far away. I lie still and hear gentle murmur of voices, softly closing doors – a car start up and slowly, quietly drive away. Ahhh, the lads staying in the cottage have … Read more

Driving awareness success

The seventh annual Casali’s “Down Syndrome Queensland Awareness Drive” has been another huge success, attracting 142 participants and raising a total of $23,000 for the worthy cause. Click here to read the full article